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GTO is not the end goal.

Way too much emphasis is placed on GTO, you just want to play better poker and make more money. You want to stop having so many losing sessions in poker, you don't want to fall behind the curve, you don't want to be stuck at the same level for years. This whole GTO focus is confusing you and making you doubt whether you are capable of crushing poker, but it's time for you to jump stakes in your thinking, because once you understand the basic 20% of GTO that covers 80% of spots, it's more than enough to crush nosebleeds. It's time to focus on the things that really matter, the things that help you to jump stakes.


Meet Your Guide

Wayne Yap has won 7-figures in Online Cash Games, Live Cash Games, and Live Tournaments. He is here to help you take your game to a whole different level by focusing on soft skills and other non-technical aspects of the game. Wayne's aim is to help you jump stakes to the level you want to be playing at, or become the best player in your player pool, right at the top of the food chain.


MPC 2016: Wayne Yap Wins USD$294,921 in Macau Poker Cup High Roller

Wayne conquered this star-studded High Roller tourney to etch his name in Macau poker history.

ACOP 2017: Wayne Yap wins USD$719,504 in Asia Single-Day High Roller

Wayne tore through a field of some of the biggest names in poker to win his second high roller title in Macau.

"Wayne has helped me in my application of game theory in poker, allowing me to further exploit other players in certain spots. In the non-technical aspect, I have gained insight into the importance of mental game coaching and discipline levels that is required of a poker player." - JR, Professional Poker Player

Who do you listen to? You listen to who has what you want and has been where you are. Wayne started playing small and worked his way up to high stakes. Wayne is an expert at breaking things down in bite-sized chunks so you can work at your own pace. “Soft skills” is something vital that is rarely ever mentioned in poker. Here you will get some great insight about the subject. I highly recommend his program." - Christoffer, Ex-Nosebleeds Crusher, Businessman

"Wayne has provided great technical assistance for my overall game and has helped me reach new heights in poker. He has also moulded in me an attitude that constantly strives for growth as well as looking at things from a macro perspective."

– Brandon, Professional Poker Player

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Free download of Wayne's “10 Secrets to Start Winning in Poker” PDF

10 concepts you need to know to start winning right away


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