Going Towards the Short-term Pain is Where the Learning Occurs

growth Jan 30, 2019

Going Towards the Short-term Pain is Where the Learning Occurs 

I like Naval’s decision-making heuristics a lot. One of them says that – when you are presented with 2 options that seem to be relatively equal, choosing the one with short term pain yields better results. Our brains are wired to overrate short term pain. When you perceive both the short and long term options to be of equal EV, the short term pain has a higher overall EV.  

When I'm attending big conferences and events, it’s relatively stressful. Especially business mastery that I'm going through now – it will shine a lot of light on what I'm not aware of. Back in Singapore, I'll probably have to spend a lot of time working on these things and implementing these business tactics that I've learnt. This can be quite scary, especially having to deal with my team members. There are a lot of systems to implement – how do I do one at a time; how do I make sure that all of these systems stick? 

My insight is that anytime I feel uncomfortable but yet I go towards that discomfort and actually put in time to learn the things that I'm uncomfortable about, that’s where the biggest learnings happen. Think about it back in your life – have you ever had any instance where you learnt a massive amount but you did not feel that fear or anxiety or you did not feel like you were pushing past your comfort zone? When it comes to learning/growth/poker, it all comes when you’re pushing the limits and that’s the short term pain. 

Right now, I fully acknowledge that my comfort level attending this event isn’t high, but that’s why I completely love it. If you’ve not attended any of Tony Robbin’s event before, there’s going to be a lot of jumping and dancing to get yourself into peak state, where you think better thoughts and learn better.   

I hope I gain awareness of how to properly own the business instead of being somebody that operates the business so I can take it to the point where I only do things that I'm uniquely good at. These days – the things that I found myself uniquely good at is to spend time around facebook live, talking to people, doing podcasts, networking, building connections with other people. How can I build the business so that I can spend as much time as possible doing those things? That is pretty much my goal for coming here, to have some techniques that will help with those.  

Another goal will be hiring. I understand that there’re many thoughts on how to get the right people to join my team. If I want salespeople to sell my courses and to sell my coaching, how do I find them? There’re a lot of such things that I expect I'll learn. Whenever I finish the day, I'm going to challenge myself to do a facebook live. I’ll use it to blabber about everything I’ve learnt in the business mastery session. Forcing myself to recall without looking at the text definitely makes my learning more effective. 


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