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Going Towards the Short-term Pain is Where the Learning Occurs

growth Jan 30, 2019

Going Towards the Short-term Pain is Where the Learning Occurs 

I like Naval’s decision-making heuristics a lot. One of them says that – when you are presented with 2 options that seem to be relatively equal, choosing the one with short term pain yields better results. Our brains are wired to overrate short term pain. When you perceive both the short and long term options to be of equal EV, the short term pain has a higher overall EV.  

When I'm attending big conferences and events, it’s relatively stressful. Especially business mastery that I'm going through now – it will shine a lot of light on what I'm not aware of. Back in Singapore, I'll probably have to spend a lot of time working on these things and implementing these business tactics that I've learnt. This can be quite scary, especially having to deal with my team members. There are a lot of systems to...

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