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Going Pro in Poker

poker Jan 23, 2019

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Going Pro in Poker 

Be honest and check in with yourself if your ceiling is truly high in these 7 things. If you can’t judge your own ability of where your ceilings are in them, ask your close friends/poker players and let them judge you for these.

1. Strategy Games 

Poker is a game; a lot of the rules are constrained in this single environment. What I've noticed throughout my time in poker is that many high stakes poker players have had some background in some kind of strategy games/computer games. Having that mind to obsess about a single game and be really good at it is extremely important for you to really succeed in poker.

2. Mathematical Ability 

Poker is clearly a lot of math. When you look deeper into game theory and you use solvers/softwares/simulators, it’s all about the numbers. Understand how you can...

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3 Things to Consider About Players in MTTs

poker Jan 16, 2019

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3 Things to Consider About Players in MTTs

1. Bad players 

When you are sitting at a poker table, sit down and understand who are the weaker players at the table – who makes mistakes and how they make those mistakes. There are many spots where you can dive deeper and think about the psyche behind a bad player – how do they play/act in certain spots. It is then your job to extrapolate that into other situations. How they think about why they do a certain thing in a certain spot would likely have a high correlation with how they play another spot. Once you understand how this person thinks, it’s a lot easier for you to exploit them.

2. Who are you stealing from? 

Something to consider – who to steal from and who is stealing from you? People are always thinking what raise size to use, how wide should they steal. Not enough is talked about thinking...

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Characteristics Of A Good Poker Player

poker Jan 02, 2019

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Characteristics of A Good Poker Player 

What does it take to be a high stakes poker player? What does it take to succeed in poker? How do you win tournaments? What are some of these character traits that get you to the highest levels in poker?

1. Good discipline levels 

It’s easy to not be disciplined when you are a poker player. Sometimes if you don’t feel like playing, you don’t play. But it is a double-edged sword. As a professional poker player, if you want to be one of the best in the world playing at the highest stakes, you have to show up even when you don’t feel like it.

2. Self-belief 

One thing most high stakes poker players have in common is that they have the self-belief that they can do it. Therefore, they go there and actually try. Many people go out there and think that many players are better than themselves....

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4 Reasons You Should Take Up Coaching

poker Dec 26, 2018

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4 Reasons You Should Take Up Coaching 

All high performers – presidents, industry leaders, they all get various forms of coaching. Whether it’s for press relations, technical skills, or social etiquette, everybody can benefit from coaching. One thing I’d love for you to take away is to start investing in coaching. It doesn’t matter if you get coached by me or others, coaching accelerates the learning curve. 

1. Where you are -> Where you want to go 

How do you get to where you want to go quickly? Many people have been where you are now. If you’re playing at middle stakes now and you want to get to high stakes, why not find someone who has successfully completed this journey before? Find one or a couple of those guys and learn from them. Get coached by them. They have the map/blueprint, they have done that before. If spending a portion of...

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5 Levels of Thinking in Poker

poker Dec 19, 2018

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5 Levels of Thinking in Poker 

Level 1 – Just your hand 

This is when you’re at the beginner phase of poker. When you first start out playing poker, you tend to think about your hand and what to do with your hand. I’m sure many of you are no longer thinking about just your hand. If you are, you should try to move on to the next step. 

Level 2 – Your opponent’s hand 

Thinking about what hands your opponent has – looking at your hand, looking at the board and thinking what can your opponent’s hand be? Sometimes even at the highest games, we start thinking about what specific hands our opponents can have and at times only one hand. 

Level 3 – Your opponent’s range 

Thinking about your opponent’s range. Your opponent took a certain action preflop – what does that mean? When we have a...

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3 Counter-intuitive Thoughts in Poker

poker Dec 12, 2018

 You can also listen to this episode and download its mp3 from my podcast for free here

3 Counter-intuitive thoughts in poker 

1. GTO is not the end goal 

People are always thinking, how to play GTO? The real money in poker comes from you exploiting people. If you just go down the GTO train, you reach your ceiling pretty quickly. When you get to the big games where you play against pretty tough opponents, no one is letting you exploit them or win with your GTO strategy. People are playing very good defensive strategies against the general strategies. 

If you want to make more than the equilibrium that both players reach at GTO, you need to go out of your way to exploit people. The objective is to understand GTO so that you can see when people are significantly deviating from it in order to exploit them. However, you must understand that GTO is not the end goal. 

2. Always choose short-term pain when you’re split between 2 decisions that seem...

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4 Rules of Thumb for Preflop Play

poker Dec 04, 2018

You can also listen to this episode and download its mp3 from my podcast for free here

4 Rules of Thumb for Preflop Play 

1. Max leverage = ~18% 

Whenever we have the opportunity to 3-bet/4-bet, we do it with a range of usually 2.3-4.5x of the opponent’s raise size. The idea is that within this 2.3-4.5x, if you’re able to 3-bet/4-bet to roughly 18% of effective stacks, you get to achieve maximum leverage. This is as it doesn’t give the opponent the opportunity to re-bluff you or construct a re-raise range against you that isn’t all-in. Even if he min-raises, that’s not a very ideal situation when he has to put 30% of the pot and it gives you the opportunity to call cheaply or to go all-in. If you go all in, it’ll be hard for him to play his bluffing range since he’ll have to put 30% of the effective stack size in as a bluff and then be forced to fold. 

2. Call/raise button total of what your...

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3 Most Important Preflop Concepts in Poker

poker Nov 28, 2018

Summary of the 3 concepts that I think are most important for you to improve your preflop game.

  1. Steal Blinds

The first one is that poker is completely about stealing the blinds. In a model without any blinds, what would happen at equilibrium? You could try to play KK, but people are just going to fold until they get AA - then they’re going to win against you. When you understand this, you realize that poker is mainly about stealing the blinds.

In Texas Hold’em, everybody has some incentive to steal the blinds and the blinds need to defend against those steals. When the button is going for a steal, he only has to worry about the blinds behind him. The Cutoff has 3 players to act behind him, where the Button is added in. Therefore, he can’t steal as wide because if the button has a hand as strong as the cutoff’s range, he has positional advantage and he can play those hands profitably.

When you understand how this translates from Button to Cutoff, you...

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