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Secrets to Win at High Stakes Poker

Accelerate your journey to the top by learning how to think about poker, how to learn more effectively, and how to make more money in poker!

What you'll get:

  • Never-before-released secrets
  • Private Facebook group with Wayne
  • Access to a fortnightly Meetup in Singapore with Wayne

There is no guarantee that you will start winning at high stakes or at any stakes, all Wayne is promising is to give you his secrets that got him to crush the nosebleed games.

What People Are Saying:

““Who do you listen to?” You listen to who has what you want and has been where you are. Wayne started playing small and worked his way up to high stakes. Wayne is an expert at breaking things down in bite-sized chunks so you can work at your own pace. “Soft skills” is something vital that is rarely ever mentioned in poker. Here you will get some great insight about the subject. I highly recommend his program”

Christoffer S

“Wayne is one of the most intelligent people I know who has challenged my thought process and approach in multiple fields. I have benefited greatly from his knowledge and am excited for the fortunate subscribers/viewers of the content he creates.”

Bryan H

“Wayne has helped me in my application of game theory in poker, allowing me to further exploit other players in certain spots. In the non-technical aspect, I have gained insight into the importance of mental game coaching and discipline levels that is required of a poker player. ”


“Wayne has been in the poker scene for over a decade and playing at the highest limits out there. Apart from the impressive achievements he’s clocked up over the years, he’s been truly inspiring figure when it comes to growing and giving. (Highly recommended for the immense value he delivers)”

Aloysius C

“Learning to play poker from Wayne gave me many new perspectives to the game - things I never used to think of. I definitely feel my game has been taken to the next level as compared to before. Something that impresses me about Wayne is his focus and determination. When he's set his mind on doing something, he gives his 100% until it's done.”

Marcus T

“Wayne has provided great technical assistance for my overall game and has helped me reach new heights in poker. He taught me that the most important thing in this scene is having integrity and doing what is right, even if it means sacrificing some EV:). He has also moulded in me an attitude that constantly strives for growth as well as looking at things from a macro perspective. This has helped me to become better as a person not only for myself but for others around me as well.”

Brandon T

“Frank. If you want some unfiltered and true good advice,he's the person you will want to look for. Generous. He's always willing to share his thoughts willingly and i bet he will provide more than what you will be expecting from him. He might even share on how he crushed those high rollers by limping all over the place! Passionate and Positive. He is efficient and has all the good life habits.This guy also has lots of love for all the things he does. That's important imo and he will transfer the much needed enthusiasm to u guys when it comes to poker learning. Empathetic. As much as i know he doesn't like to be spread by negativity in general,he is a good listener. I am quite sure he's able to relate the struggles most people face in poker because he experienced those adversities first handed. Practical. All being said about him might make you feel like he's some goofy monkey throwing random darts. That's not true. He really knows his work and he will put it in execution rather than all theory talking about what "GTO" is all about. If you are looking for a quick fix or a cut and paste solution on how to play AK preflop,you probably should look elsewhere. If not, he will be quite an inspirational person to be along with your poker journey. I wish your experience with Wayne with be a fulfilling one.”

Lance Y